Kalla fötter
Stel näsa
Tystnad mitt i stan
Fåglarna som sjöng
Sitter dom blixtstilla i en gran
Lovikkavantarna doftar ull
Andra dofter saknas

Var är marken
Foten trampar ovanpå
Små vita partiklar
Viner runt mitt huvud
Letar sig in i varje vrå

Nej, det måste inte vara så
In i stugan
Elden sprakar
Fötter i sockor
Ollen behåller vi på

Tystnad råder
Värmen kryper tillbaka
Och vi föskansar oss
En kopp varm choklad
I soffans vrå

Tack #Skrivsprånget för inspiration!

#17 Next please ;-) #Blogg100

#Blogg100 #17 Next please 😉


I’ll have to try
No matter why.

So I’ll go for an English one today
the weather is good enough but yet it can’t compete with the summer-like ones in May.

It’s hard to cope this stubborn cold
but you can’t just put your duties on hold.

You have to get out of bed
and attend at work to get the family fed.

You’d better grab every opportunity to stay out when the sun is shining, ’cause if you don’t, you may feel almost like you’re bound to mining.

Several months you might as well choose hibernation
– or rather take a long vacation.

But the darkness and cold is about to end
And soon there will be springtime and summer, that will give you several lovely days to spend.

Now what on earth is the purpose of this kind of text
Actually it’s a personal challenge and a way to move on to the next

The next of what? you might ask
The next #Blogg100, of course, since it’s my current task!